Saturday, February 5, 2011

Men of 1920

“Wings”, 1927. 
The first on-screen kiss between two men.

1920’s - Vincent_Burke (from Paul Frecker collection)

Red Cross (1920s)

American Forestry Service (1920s)

Daniel Harris (1924)
Kid Francis c. 1925
Sergei Yesenin was a Russian poet born in 1895. He hung himself in 1925. He left behind a final poem written in his own blood.  Sergei was a ladies man (and why ever not?) and was married four times (at one point to American dance legend Isadora Duncan), and fathered three children by marriage and one son by poet  Nadezhda Volpin.
Postcard (1920s)

William Scott (1925)

Midland Counties Waterpolo (1922)
 Butch, private photo. 1925.
Germany c 1920s.

Porto Water Polo (1924)

Navy Base (1925)

Weston Super Mare Team, UK (1925)

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