Saturday, February 5, 2011

Men of 1910

Varsity Football Team (1910)

Ernest Hemingway in an ambulance of the Red Cross in Italy, c. 1910.

Swimwear (Circa 1912)

Hong Kong (1913)
Young physical culture devotees, ca. 1910.  Unknown photographer.

Mar del Plata (1918)
George Mallory c1912
Famous mountaineer, died on Everest 1924. Pictured in the studio of Duncan Grant, his lover.

David John Bowen
David John “Dai” Bowen (born 30 July 1891, died 15 April 1912), was a Welsh professional boxer, who died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic, along with fellow Welsh boxer Leslie Williams.

Taken in 1910 by Edmund Edwinstone.

A German stowaway is photographed on Ellis Island shortly before being deported, May 1911.
(New York Public Library)

German Rowers 1911

c 1913

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