Tuesday, February 1, 2011


David Czerny was born on November 22, 1977 in Santa Rosa, Texas. Always an avid swimmer, he attended school in the Rio Grande Valley where he gathered several trophies as a member of the high school swim team.  He attended college at the University of Texas At Austin where he recieived bis bachelors degree in Psychology.  He later complted his Master in Social Work in Oklahoma. David has worked in mental heath as a BHRS and rehab counselor.  David gained renown as a small penis model on the internet, though all photos were classified as amateur.  He has accepted compensation for modelling only twice.

In this photograph, taken by Chris Hawlick, David is perched in an old wild olive tree in South Texas near where he grew up.

In this photograph taken in 2013 by Chris Hawlick, David models against a previous photo hanging in the home of a friend of the photographer.

Christmas Tree Lot Attendant (2014)
阴茎  (2012)
Chaturbate Selfie (2014)

 Restroom Pose (2014)
Boxer Woody (2010)

Batboy (2008)

In this photograph, also taken by Hawlick taken during his college years, David does a headstand in a run down storeage garage on the property of a friend.
David & Chris (2015)
"The Snipe Hunt" by Steve Jaekle (2012)
"Arooga!" 2005
"The Longshot" by Chris Hawlick
Photo taken in Haikey Creek Park (2009) at the end of a dare challenge.
After unsuccessful attempts in 2008 to complete the photograph with the lighter rigged to remain lit, including a small fire when the rigged lighter fell onto papers covering the floor, the following photograph, taken by Chris Hawlick was composited from photos of the lighter, then adding the flame.

"The No Piss Zone"
This would never have happened if that weird sign hadn't been there.  I can only imagine that workers there had at one time gotten into the habit of relieving themselves against the wall in this alley.  A sign like that only invites it too happen again (we all agreed).

This photograph was taken by Troy Fitch in the late 1990's during a game of "Jackass" in which the players took turns getting penile measurement.  David said it was his major "size outing" during college and anyone from the Longhorn swim team.  In this photograph the men with the largest (Jack) and smallest (David) got their photo taken together.  The chart documenting the measurements can be sign on the wall behind them.
 1998 "Jackoff Challenge" and the smooth shaved body of a swimmer.
SMOOTH (2010)
"Mustang Island Trip" by Randall Wolf
Lindsey Wolf, David Czerny, and Paul Wolf (2012)
(2008) Chris Hawlick took this photo of David posing with the bust of David in background.  David requested this photo not be posted, and it was not until being posted on this site.

Chris Hawlick took this photo of David in 2005.

David had grown a beard for a brief period in 2013.  There are very few photos of him with facial hair.


 Bat Boy II (2013)
Into The Woods (2012)
Photo by Geoff Havard, taken at Bastrop State Park.

"Lap Dare"
This photo was taken by Geoff Havard in 2002 of David preparing to start his lap dare around one of the practice fields in Austin, Texas.  This was a part of the Jackass Club challenge.  It was a very cold night.  The fog in the picture was actually the breath of someone standing to close to the camera.
This pic has been used for the cover of several Yahoo! and Blogger groups, and was also posted in his blog on Tumblr.

"Proof Pic"
This is a framed picture from David's days as a member of the Jackass Group in Austin, Texas.  The challenge was to get 40 people to sign a photo of him jacking off as proof he showed it to them.  Not one of the most original of the Jackass Group dares, the idea came from a fraternity dare.  The punch line to this joke was that he had to start over after having collected over 30 signatures when a girl he showed the first picture to took it and wouldn't return it to him.  This was the second picture he got signed.  All of the members of the group had this same challenge.   Unknown which member took this picture, but Dave seems certain it was Burt.
 FORESKIN (2011)


 BALLOONS (2010)
 MUSCLE BOY (2010)

 GYM MONKEY (2010)

 CAMPOUT (2009)


FRED & MARIO (2009)

ASK ME (2008)


Cumshot (2005)

 Au Natural (2015)

 Backdoor Exhibitionist (2009)

Purple (2015)

 Taken by Chris Hawlik (2015)

Pose for Blog site (2014)

 Pose for Blog site (2014)

 Vacation 2014

This Old House (2015)

 Retracted (2013)

Occupied (2015)

"A Boy's Jockstrap" by Geoff Havard (2004)

 High School wrestling team photo (c 1994)

Swim team Photo (1995)

Mercedes Swim Team (1995)

Bat Boy (1996)

"Great Expectations" 1993
Photo of David from his High School Yearbook

Tulsa Wellness Fair (2011)
David's booth at the Tulsa Wellness Fair promoting himself as a personal trainer.
 Superman Costume (2013)

Superman and Wonder Woman (2014)
Muscle Boy Pose (2010)


  1. Don't know what kind of shenanigans you're up to here, but I see at least two different people here that are supposedly you, David. The guy with the unusual nostrils (you) and the handsome guy with the beard that you paste on several pictures. I found the "Purple" pic leads to the real photo of Hans Berlin on HardBritLads.
    Then there's the Superman pix: the first one leads to the real pic at hyperborea.org. His shorts and stripe are really light blue. The second pic goes to the original one on flickr in Rich's stream. It's called "Comic Con 2009: Super Couple".
    The piss pic goes to another face on the real guy. There's no "no pissing" sign in the original, less piss, and a bucket that has been edited out here. It's on a Russian site, Apachan or something.
    "Muscle Boy" goe to the original on Flickriver. He's in color and has tats on his arms. You put your head on him and your body from the waist down.
    "Christmas Tree Lot Attendant" goes to the New York Post, 2013 pix.
    Anyway, I could go on, but you already know you're faking the pix. WTF are you doing, faking pictures? It's creepy.If you actually have a degree in psych, I don't need to go on, do I?